Top 25th Percentile Organizations

Quadrant-ALL.jpgThose organizations that fall within the top 25th percentile are among of the best facilities in the nation. Naturally, these hospitals must continuously focus on quality, patient safety, communication, and responsiveness to remain in the top.

How can Always Culture help?

For these organizations, the Always Culture program is not only an efficient tool for ongoing training, but it is critical for sustainability. The importance of having a well-educated and highly engaged staff can never be overemphasized. Innovation is also key in differentiating oneself in the market.

The Always Culture program helps teach staff members how to more effectively communicate, listen, show compassion, and properly set and exceed patients’ expectations.  It teaches staff how to provide an extraordinary patient experience that will not only help significantly improve HCAHPS scores, but ensure sustainability as a patient-centered brand in the communities they serve.

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